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    We are K?rber

    At K?rber, the future is ours to create — with innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies. We aim to attain market leadership through technological leadership.

    Who we are

    K?rber is a leading international technology Group that has around 10,000 employees all over the world. We connect people and ideas — and we work to develop the best products, solutions, and services for our customers. We have a long-term perspective, and today we’re already shaping the solutions for tomorrow and beyond.

    The K?rber Group posted sales of €2.5 billion in fiscal year 2018.

    Our structure

    K?rber AG is a strategic management holding company with headquarters in Hamburg that manages the Group and its five Business Areas: K?rber Digital, Logistics Systems, Pharma SystemsTissue and Tobacco.

    Our Business Area Logistics Systems is a leading provider of fully integrated applications for optimizing complex internal and external logistics processes.

    Our Business Area Pharma Systems offers solutions for safe and efficient processes for the manufacture, inspection, and packaging of pharmaceuticals as well as for pharmaceutical traceability.

    Our Business Area Tissue stands for innovation and cutting-edge technologies. It offers complete solutions for processing and packaging machines that handle toilet paper, folded tissues, and paper towels.

    As the leading supplier for the international tobacco industry, our Business Area Tobacco supports its customers in the fields of tobacco processing, filter and cigarette manufacture, measuring and analysis equipment, and flavorings.

    Our “youngest” Business Area, K?rber Digital, shapes and strongly promotes the digital advancement of the entire Group and develops new digital business models.

    We connect people and knowledge — and we work to develop the best products and services for our customers.

    Improving efficiency with the “Station Optimizer” from connyun: K?rber acquired this Karlsruhe-based IIoT specialist in 2018.

    The K?rber Foundation

    The sole shareholder of K?rber AG is the K?rber Foundation. It supports the Group’s strategy of long-term profitable growth. The K?rber Foundation is a nonprofit foundation that takes on social responsibility.

    Our claim

    Thanks to our long-term mindset and our goal of market leadership through technological leadership, we operate very successfully in our markets and for our customers. For decades, the K?rber brand has stood for top-quality machine and plant engineering and maximum customer benefit. We are also expanding our software and digital expertise in all of our Business Areas.

    And by means of acquisitions and partnerships in all of our Business Areas we are continuously expanding our portfolio. Industry 4.0 and digitization processes offer us many opportunities and possibilities for further consolidating our leading positions. Through innovative products and business models, comprehensive consultation, and intelligent services, we provide our customers with measurable added value. Together with our customers and our partners, we are focusing our efforts on the continued expansion of our strong position in all of our Business Areas.

    Inspiration: At the K?rber Digital “Stage Gates,” ideas for new technologies, products, and solutions are presented in a competitive setting.

    Moving digitally into the future

    The dynamism with which digitization is penetrating almost all areas of our daily lives can be seen everywhere. For a number of years now, we’ve also increasingly seen the same kinds of change in our working lives. Smart machine components, collaborative robots, intelligent pharma packaging, and virtually connected service technicians working in real time are only a few examples of the digital solutions that we are already offering to our customers today and that will be used more often in the future.

    In order to transform these new technologies even faster into future-oriented products, solutions, and services, we are keeping our eyes firmly on our digital advancement at K?rber. By creating our Business Area  K?rber Digital we have established a highly innovative and solution-oriented unit that focuses on digital innovation and new digital business models.

    That’s because our goal is to remain our customers’ first choice for innovative, technologically leading-edge, and digital products and solutions. To attain this goal, we are basically counting on three strong pillars.

    1. Strategy! We have a clear digital strategy for the Group and for each of our Business Areas.
    2. Focus on the customer! We are reinforcing our customer orientation and customer integration.
    3. Digital expertise! We are continuously enhancing our digital skills and areas of expertise.

    To this end, the Group is not only networking with promising start-ups, but is also constantly breaking new ground internally to develop innovations. K?rber IT Solutions (KITS), founded in 2016 with the aim of establishing a central IT system for the Group, is like a start-up within the Group. Pioneering spirit is also required here.

    Those who want to shape the future must know their own roots — and we do. We want to continue living up to our founder’s vision by being “the first to do the right thing at the right time.”


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