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    Our goal: Inspiring our customers by being a technology leader

    Strong together: We connect people and knowledge. Our group-wide uniform Corporate Values guide our actions.

    We’re keeping an eye on the future.

    Our K?rber vision
    The future is ours to create! We are technology leaders, strong together, and inspire our customers and partners as sector experts in all Business Areas. 

    Our K?rber mission?
    As an international technology group with a strong regional presence, we create measurable benefits and added value for our customers. As a solid, reliable partner, we develop and supply pioneering, innovative solutions and perfectly tailored services worldwide with and for our customers.

    Our strategic growth target
    Our clearly defined long-term growth target for the period until 2025 is an ambitious one. We will achieve this growth by continuing to impress our customers on a permanent basis. We intend to more than double our total sales by comparison with 2013 through organic growth and strategic acquisitions. 

    The K?rber Group spearheads the development of innovative solutions and connects people and their expert knowledge as well as their ideas.

    With their cutting-edge technologies, our Business Areas are global leaders in the industries they serve. We apply a long-term perspective and we are already shaping the solutions of tomorrow today. 

    Our innovations and technology leadership generate added value and measurable benefits for our customers. We develop customized solutions while getting cutting-edge technologies off the ground. 

    In this era of dynamic development and extensive transformation, we at K?rber seek to inspire our customers with top-class solutions, products and services. We also feel a strong obligation to exploit this dynamic development and shape the current transformation in an active, forward-looking, and responsible manner.

    Of central importance for our strategy and actions is one of the guiding principles formulated by our company founder, Kurt A. K?rber: “To be the first to do the right thing at the right time.” Kurt A. K?rber was an entrepreneur who from the outset addressed the challenges of his time. Inventiveness, drive, innovative thinking, and constructive solutions helped him succeed. This way of thinking and acting still defines the K?rber Group today, and we are committed to continuing it in the future.

    An employee wearing data goggles at Fabio Perini: The Group is a reliable partner that develops future-oriented innovative solutions.
    A paper processing machine at Fabio Perini: We make use of our experience, know-how, and wealth of ideas to ensure the success of our customers.

    Our K?rber values

    Our group-wide uniform corporate values form the foundation of everything we do. They make clear what strengthens and connects us across all the companies and functions in the Group and what we pledge to uphold in all our dealings with one another and with third parties.

    • Customer satisfaction
      We are K?rber, and we add value for our customers by inspiring our customers and partners as industry experts. We are a solid, dependable partner who supplies innovative, cutting-edge solutions and highly tailored services worldwide with and for our customers.

    • Innovation
      We are K?rber, and we create innovations by putting our experience, expertise, and creativity to work for our customers. We defend our technological leadership through tireless innovation and the improvement of our products, services, and business processes.

    • Connecting people and knowledge
      We are K?rber, and we connect people and ideas by recognizing and leveraging the full breadth of our know-how and experience. We encourage and require everyone within our international Group to share ideas and experiences in order to apply all of our knowledge to developing efficient, best-practice solutions.

    • Responsibility
      We are K?rber, and we take responsibility by putting our corporate values at the heart of everything we do. We keep our promises and act reliably toward employees, partners, and customers. Our success depends on close, long-term relationships with our employees and business partners.

    • Focus on the future
      We are K?rber, and we strive for sustained and profitable growth by viewing long-term success and financial independence as a motivating challenge. Together, we develop profitable and sustainable solutions. We count on our employees worldwide and support everything they do with modern, attractive work conditions.

    Here you will find the fundamentals and corporate values of the K?rber Group.

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