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    Annual Report 2018: We are Innovation

    Curiosity and a pioneering spirit are our motivation. Delivering the best solutions to our customers is our promise. That′s why our central theme for 2018 was "We are innovation". Together with our customers, partners, and employees, we have once again propelled an extremely diverse range of ideas and innovations to broad-based market success and success for our customers. We have put together a number of examples here – we hope they will serve to inspire you.

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    Tobacco Photo of Hauni employees Karsten Barsch, Christian Junge and Nina Gr?ncke in front of a machine, the multi-segment maker

    Sprinting to innovations

    Focus on the customer: Hauni has realigned its product development operations and created the Multi Segment Maker (MSM) in record time.

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    We Aerial view of two Toru robots moving between workers in a high-bay warehouse.

    A network of innovations

    Moving forward together: How K?rber invests in funds and start-ups that develop future-oriented technologies for and with the Group.

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    Digital Photo of Anneke Barsch, Product Owner at Hauni, presenting at the Stage Gate Meeting

    One round further

    Convincing the jury: How K?rber employees themselves implement their ideas for digital innovations into projects.

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    Tobacco Employees Béata Szolnok and Ferenc Brozovac are standing at a welding workstation at Hauni Hungary

    Faster, leaner, more connected

    Increased efficiency, keeping high quality: In Hungary, Hauni is developing production processes towards the smart factory.

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    Development at a glance: The annual reports of the K?rber Group.

    Facts, Figures and exciting insights into what we do at K?rber – all at a glance: Download the annual reports of the past years here.

    Annual Report 2017

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    Annual Report 2015

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    Annual Report 2014

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    Annual Report 2013

    PDF (7 MB)

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