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    we are creative thinkers

    we are future makers

    we are K?rber


    Leaders, makers, pioneers

    About 10,000 employees, globally active and passionate about innovation — that’s the way to both market and technological leadership. We are K?rber. Presenting our Group.

    We are K?rber

    K?rber is a leading international technology Group that has around 10,000 employees all over the world. We connect people and ideas — and we work to develop the best products, solutions, and services for our customers. K?rber AG manages the Group and its five Business Areas: K?rber Digital, Logistics Systems, Pharma Systems, Tissue and Tobacco.

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    Group Executive Board and Supervisory Board

    The Executive Board leads the K?rber Group: its members manage the Group's activities, determine its strategic orientation and inform the Supervisory Board on all issues relevant to the Group and its companies.

    The Chairman of the five-member Group Executive Board is Stephan Seifert. 

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    Our Mission

    In this era of dynamic development and extensive transformation, we at K?rber not only seek to inspire our customers with top-class products and services; we also feel a strong obligation to exploit this dynamic development and shape the current transformation in an active, forward-looking, and responsible manner. Here you can find out more about our vision and mission, our values, and our strategic growth target.

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    Wanted: Team players. The know-how, creativity, and dedication of our employees have made us one of the most successful technology groups in Germany and worldwide. 

    Now we want to create the future — with you! We offer exciting positions for experts, career starters, university students, and high school students. 

    You can read all about entry points and careers at K?rber in the “Career” section.

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    Annual Reports

    The K?rber Group unites technologically leading companies with more than 100 production, service and sales locations. The Group posted sales of €2.5 billion in fiscal year 2018. The Annual Reports include the key figures of K?rber AG and show how resolutely we work together with our customers and partners to extend our technological leadership in all of our Business Areas.

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    As a globally leading technology Group, we endeavor to purchase materials and services under optimal conditions. Quality, innovative power, legal certainty, adherence to schedules, and our suppliers’ and service providers’ fitness for the future play a decisive role — as does cost and resource-saving procurement.

    The purchasing organization at K?rber is responsible for all activities related to procurement. We want to create the future, and to continue growing, together with our partners. 

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    Compliance and Code of Conduct

    Compliance is more than just a word for us. We do everything to ensure that we always act according to our Fundamentals and the Group’s Corporate Values. 

    Our Code of Conduct requires all employees to act in an ethical manner and obey all applicable laws.

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    We have a knack for machinery: All around the world, we create the future, with innovative and cutting-edge technologies and together with our customers. But companies aiming to make their mark on the future have to know where they’re coming from. 

    Our success story began in 1946, in Hamburg, when Kurt A. K?rber established Hauni Maschinenfabrik, a company that repaired cigarette machines. You can read the full story here.

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    Well-informed and always up to date: Here you can find current information about the K?rber Group and its Business Areas K?rber Digital, Logistics Systems, Pharma Systems, Tissue, and Tobacco. 

    You can also access press releases, download information packets about the Group, and look up details of contact partners in Corporate Communications. 

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    Innovation, international understanding, and a vibrant civil society: The K?rber Foundation takes on social responsibility. 

    It encourages debates and supports enlightenment and reflection through science, education, and culture — because social change is only successful if people get involved. 

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