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    we are trailblazers


    At work on the logistics of the future

    Whether it’s digital solutions for networked factories, distribution centers, e-commerce, or the control of supply chains, the K?rber Business Area Logistics Systems gets things moving in well-organized ways.

    The digital advancement of industry is changing markets and confronting global logistics companies with entirely new challenges. Depending on the sector and the individual company, specific solutions and innovative approaches are in demand. Efficient intralogistics, the vision of the networked factory, a smart warehouse, and flexible distribution centers all over the world — the challenges are diverse, but the spectrum of products and services of the Business Area Logistics Systems is equally multifaceted. As the leading provider of fully integrated and digitized processes, K?rber Logistics Systems is in step with the times. Its goal is to make its customers more successful thanks to customized solutions and well-established standards of service in the field of logistics.

    Logistics from a single source

    The umbrella brand K?rber Logistics combines three Business Units: System Integration, Product Solutions, and Software. Working together, employees at more than 55 locations offer customers a leading-edge technological portfolio that is continuously being expanded through new innovative solutions. It ranges from system integration to materials handling and storage systems, palletizing and depalletizing technology, and individualized software solutions.

    A partner for logistics projects — from planning to support

    The worldwide network of K?rber Logistics Systems supports customers from the very start through all the phases of a logistics project. Aberle and Consoveyo are manufacturer-independent specialists for system integration. For instance, they serve as general contractors for the creation and modernization of fully automatic intralogistics projects ranging from simple to complex. For total transparency and optimal flows of materials and goods in real time, Langhammer and Riantics offer individualized product solutions for intralogistics and production logistics. The efficiency of transport routes, warehouses, and entire supply chains crucially depends on smart software systems for the logistics infrastructure and its maintenance. In these areas, the experts from Aberle Software, Cirrus Logistics, DMLogic, HighJump, Inconso, and Voiteq offer suitable and flexible solutions.


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