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    we are innovators


    We practice digitization

    Agile methods: Generating ideas at K?rber Digital.

    Inspired by the visions of Industry 4.0 and by new customer demands, K?rber Digital is the nucleus of the digital transformation of the K?rber Group, delivering innovative business models, products, and services.

    Digital disruptions are changing our society, our economy, and the whole world. K?rber Digital is the K?rber Group’s response to this revolution. The youngest Business Area of the international Technology group works at the interface of human beings and technology to usher in the industry of the future. Its agenda encompasses everything that will make tomorrow’s industry more digital, connected, and intelligent. Its mission is to conquer new horizons, investigate technological trends, and commercialize innovative ideas. In this endeavor, speed is the new currency.

    However, roots play a key role: K?rber Digital combines the dynamics of a start-up with the know-how and inventiveness of the K?rber Group’s about 10,000 employees as well with the industry insights of the established machine building and software companies. As the central hub for all themes related to digitization, K?rber Digital works hand in hand with all K?rber Business Areas in order to translate the opportunities of digitization into concrete benefits for their customers.

    The mission of K?rber Digital is to conquer new horizons, investigate technological trends, and commercialize innovative ideas.

    Individualized solutions for customers

    K?rber Digital′s approach to tackle customers′ issues is radically and disruptively unique. Customers are invited to investigate and analyze their own pain points together with K?rber Digital experts, using a new methodology, that offers different perspectives and lets the customer understand what is the real issue from a diverse angle. This approach leads to the development of novel ideas, that are at first discussed and explored to identify the best fit, then to a solution for the customer, and finally a project partnership for a specific period of time. All of these steps are supported by a well-designed digital innovation process consisting of six phases in all, designed on purpose to focus, develop and roll out new and scalable digital ideas. In order to move from one phase to the next, digital products must pass through a series of “stage gates.” That’s because K?rber Digital is only driven by approaches to industrial business models, products, and services that hold broad future potential for customers. If an idea doesn’t have that special spark, it’s dropped. Without question.

    Agile, passionate, and open to new ideas

    K?rber Digital has deliberately chosen an inspiring environment as its key location: Europe’s urban beacon and start-up hotspot Berlin. Here, amidst a vibrant community of IT experts, start-ups of almost every kind and an international crowd of seekers for new solutions, the Business Area can ideally exploit the opportunities digitization offers. No other place in Germany has such a concentration of creative and talented people from all over the world. Here K?rber Digital nurtures a continually growing team of experts who already now come from more than 22 countries and have a huge range of experience and professional educational backgrounds. The qualities they all have in common are openness, a strong spirit of innovation, and a passionate commitment to their work. They are closely connected with the team of the IIoT specialist company connyun in Karlsruhe, which has been part of K?rber Digital since the summer of 2018. This company’s experts in the areas of cloud software, machine connectivity, big data, and data analysis contribute in-depth familiarity with digital topics in an industrial context to the team.

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